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Learn how to contact Caredove support when you have a question.

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If you can't find the answers you need in our help centre, please contact Caredove support.

Conversational Support

Caredove provides a chat-first conversation approach to support, which helps us get you the answers you need right away, avoiding the delays and headaches that come with traditional email and ticket-based support.

We respond within a few minutes to most requests - no matter the urgency, so please stay on the page. In most cases, we can resolve the issue together with you right away through chat. If helpful, we may switch from the chat to a phone call or web conference.

Sometimes we need to escalate the issue - which we'll do for you when needed. If there needs to be any delay in helping solve your problem, we'll let you know and provide an estimated time to resolution.

Tickets that are submitted after business hours may receive a delayed response until the next morning, but the chat is monitored off-hours for urgent issues.

Get Started

There are two ways to get started. If you are logged into Caredove, click on the chat button on the bottom right of any page. If you are not logged into Caredove, then visit the Caredove support page.

Resuming and Closing tickets

If there's a delayed response in the chat, eventually an email will be sent to you with the contents of the chat. You can respond directly in email, or re-open the chat window to resume the conversation.

When the issue has been resolved, Caredove support will close the chat.


Q: What should I write in the request?

A: Just type your question plainly into the chat. If you're experiencing a problem with the Caredove platform, the following information can help us resolve your issue faster:

  • A detailed description of what you were doing prior to experiencing the issue (e.g., viewing search page, looking at x services, referring to x service, reference number)

  • Who experienced the issue (if not yourself)

  • Link to the page the question/issue arose on

  • Approximate date/time this occurred

Q: I need a support ticket number, how do I get one?

A: Ask our support agent for a ticket number and they will provide one in the chat.

Q: What is your SLA for urgent, high, medium, and low priority tickets?

A: We'll respond to your inquiry fast no matter the priority. Usually, that is within a few minutes. It is rare that we take longer than an hour to respond. Outside of regular business hours, we monitor for urgent issues but otherwise will respond early the next day.

Q: I'm an integration partner, how do I contact integration support?

A: Partner support also begins with online chat.

Q: How do I talk to a support person on the phone?

A: Start an online chat, then ask to talk on the phone, we'd love to talk 😀

Q: How do I submit a ticket via email?

A: Real-time conversation support provides a dramatically superior ability to resolve issues effectively. However, if we are not available and you submit a chat message and include your email, we will actually follow up with you via email, until the ticket has closed.

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