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Appointment Options

Filter time slots for specific characteristics (e.g. "Available in English," "Available in French," etc.).

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Specifying characteristics for an available appointment is crucial for ensuring that the right clients are matched with the appropriate services, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery​​.

To start, navigate to Settings and select the relevant Calendar.

Scroll past Calendar Settings, Email & Handout settings and Appointment Notifications. 

Select Add Appointment Option to specify a characteristic, for e.g. Available in French.

The Appointment Option(s) are now available to select when creating open appointments in that Calendar.

Note: To select multiple Appointment Options in the booking process, they must first be added to the individual or recurring appointment time slots in the Calendar.

In other words, if you book directly from the Referral Inbox, you cannot multi-select these Appointment Options, but rather one or All.

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