Glossary of Terms

Understand what we call different elements of the platform.

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Caredove contains a lot of elements. Understanding what they mean is an important part of site navigation. To follow along, Sign In to the Caredove platform. 

Top Menu:


Drop-down menu:


Search Site (also sometimes typed as searchsite):

This is where referrers generally search for service.

Left Menu:





Status Menu:

Toggle buttons:



More Options Button (three dots or 3-dot menu):



Chat Box:

Action Terms

  • Select: the action taken when you 'click' on anything within the platform

  • Registrant: the individual who will be receiving the service (i.e. client, patient)

  • Sender: the individual who submits the referral to the receiver (i.e. the intake coordinator or hospital discharge planner); sometimes called the Requester or Referrer

  • Receiver: the service provider, or the person who created the appointment; sometimes called the Provider

  • Referral Form: the form that contains registrant information and is sent to the receiver

  • Listing: where you input service information within Caredove, also what individuals see when they view your service or select the More Info button

  • Search + Book + Connect: the three step process for referrers that involves searching for the desired service, booking an appointment, and connecting the registrant with the provider.

  • Sign In, Sign Out: how you get into and out of the Caredove platform.

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