If you want to remove a referral from the referral inbox, you can do so by archiving it. Archiving a referral doesn't permanently delete the referral, but rather removes it from your calendar and inbox so that you can remain more organized. 

Navigate to Referrals in the top menu, displaying the Inbox tab. 

  1. Hover over the referral that you would like to archive. If there is a green button with a box icon, you can archive it by selecting this button. Otherwise, you can select Archive from More Options (3-dot menu).
  2. A notification will appear that requires you to confirm your decision to archive. Select the blue Archive button.

You can also find the archive button at the top of the Referral Information page.

Tip: You can access your archived referrals by navigating to Referrals in the top menu, displaying the Inbox tab. From here, you can select the Archived button to view your archived referrals.

Note: You cannot archive a referral until an outcome has been set.

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