For large organizations, it can be difficult and confusing for a handful of people to receive the notifications for all non-booked referrals. We have developed a feature that fixes this problem. 

An organization can have multiple calendars and allocate different services to each. You can now specify who receives the non-booked referrals for each calendar in your organization.

This information can be updated via the settings.

Navigate to Settings in the top menu, and select Referrals from the drop-down. 

  1. Scroll to the Non-Booked Notifications section.
  2. Select the circle to the left of "Users" to specify a receiver of non-booked referrals for that calendar.
  3. Type the name of the user into the text box. The changes automatically save in Caredove.  

Note: If you want more Caredove Calendars activated, please contact the Caredove team.

Tip: If staff members are still receiving incorrect notifications, we have a solution.

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