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Reschedule a self-booked Appointment

Learn how to reschedule your self-booked appointment.

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If you have booked an appointment, but need to reschedule the chosen time, you can easily accomplish this using your Caredove confirmation email. 

Start by navigating to your appointment confirmation email in your inbox. 

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the email and select the Reschedule button. 

  2. On the Appointment Summary page select Reschedule.

  3. Type your home address into the search bar.  

  4. Select a new appointment time from the list of appointment times.

  5. Select Done. You will now be able to view the updated appointment information. 

Note: You and the appointment provider will receive an email indicating the updated appointment time. From this email you can reschedule once again or cancel the appointment. 

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