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Save and Refer to your Favourite Services
Save and Refer to your Favourite Services

Learn how to save services for quick and easy access.

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Have you noticed that you've been referring to the same service a lot? Adding that service as a "favourite" can help you access it easily and refer to it quickly. 

  1. Find the service you frequently refer to (via a search site, organization page, Listings page).

  2. Beside the service name there will be an outline of a heart. Select the heart to save the listing as a favourite. When favourited, the heart will turn red. 

To refer to your favourite service, navigate to Home in the top menu and select the Favourites tab. 

  1. You will be able to view a list of your favourite services. Select the Refer button beside the service that you would like to refer to. 

  2. You will now be prompted through the referral process. Fill in the required information. 

Note: This can be especially useful for a receptionist who has access to many services, but typically only refers to a select group.

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