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Connect your Outlook calendar to Caredove

Learn how to begin seeing your Caredove appointments within your Caredove Calendar

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🚨 Important: please be aware that this feature is currently in Beta mode. This means that the feature is functional and accessible to organizations on our Advanced + subscription, however, various elements and nuances of the feature are still undergoing testing and refinement.

  • The integration isn’t currently available for Group appointments.

Steps to Integrate Outlook to Caredove:

  1. Navigate to your dashboard and select 'Connections'.

  2. Select 'connect calendar'.

  3. You will be prompted to select the type of calendar you wish to connect, select and begin following the next steps. The option you select to sign in is dependent on your organization's subscription level to Outlook:

  4. Agree to link account (if requested)

  5. Sign into your account when requested.

  6. Once connected, select the Outlook calendar you want to connect.

  7. The screen will reload displaying the calendar details you connected.

All new Caredove appointments wherein you are listed as the provider will begin to populate in your Outlook calendar. Note: When appointments are rescheduled or unbooked, they will move accordingly.

More questions? Please send us a message, using our Chat box.

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