In order for people to book your service, you first need to specify the timeslots you are available to be booked. This can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

Start by navigating your Calendar in the top menu, displaying the Appointments tab.

  1. Next, select the + button beside the date that you would like to create an appointment for.

  2. You’ll now be prompted to enter the details for the open appointment. You can create multiple time slots simultaneously by entering the desired times, separated by a comma. Please note that multiple formats are accepted and that appointment durations can be entered in either minutes, or hours. 

  3. When you’re done, be sure to select Create in order to complete the process. You will be returned to your calendar view, where the new open appointment timeslots will now appear, ready to be booked.

More interested in setting up recurring appointments? That's simple too.

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