As a Caredove Administrator you manage user accounts and the organization's across your network. Let's get started! 

Inviting network members

Before you invite, it's important to understand the different types of user permissions within the platform, including your own. Once you determine which permissions are required for each member, start the invite process.  Navigate to the individual organization's Permissions in the Top Menu and select Add User

Review Organizations 

It is very important that the organization is accurately reflected on the platform. We suggest starting with a thorough review of the organization information and the service listings

Refer using the Platform 

Networks send referrals, therefore you might want to learn how to Search-Book-Connect to connect patients with care.

Configure Caredove to Receive Referrals

As organization's in the network will provide care, you can assist the agency to receive referrals.  Note: we always suggest that you contact Caredove so we can properly assist you. 


Reporting is a key aspect of the administrator role. Learn more here. 

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