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Securing Your Passwords
Securing Your Passwords

Increase your account privacy with a password manager.

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Privacy and security are a top priority for you and your team. It's a top priority for us, too. Our platform is encrypted so that your Personal Health Information (PHI) is never compromised. 

Help us keep your Caredove account even more secure with a password manager. 

What is a Password Manager?
Password management tools allow you to safely store all your account passwords in one place. Everything from your credit card PIN and garage door code, to your email and Facebook passwords. No more passwords written in notebooks or on sticky notes where they can be found, and lost. 

We Recommend the 1Password App
The only password you'll ever need to remember is the one for your 1Password account. Once logged in, you have access to every other password that you've saved.

Forget Your Other Passwords
1Password will randomly generate a unique, random series of letters and numbers to use as passwords for your various accounts. It will be something that you will never remember, and no one will be able to guess. You'll never have to memorize it.
This is the absolute best way to ensure total account security.

How it Works
When logging in to your Caredove account, simply copy and paste the password from 1Password into the login page. You can also use an auto-fill feature from your internet browser to quickly insert the login and password details.

Forgot Your Caredove Password?
You can reset your password using this tutorial. When choosing a new password, we recommend that you generate one through 1Password and keep it safely stored. 

Have More Questions?
Chat with our Caredove support team for more information.

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