FHIR Extension: Location Boundary GeoJSON

Documentation for our Location Boundary GeoJSON Extension in FHIR4

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Extension: "Location Boundary GeoJSON"
URL: "http://build.fhir.org/extension-location-boundary-geojson.html"
Value: "valueAttachment"


This extension provides an attachment to a GeoJSON file provided by Caredove of a listings Coverage Area.

Resource & Resource Element Locations:

This extension is located under Location 


"resource": {
                "resourceType": "Location",
                "id": "16260",
                "extension": [
                        "url": "http://build.fhir.org/extension-location-boundary-geojson.html",
                        "valueAttachment": {
                            "url": "https://sandbox.caredove.com/api/native_v1/Boundary/16907"
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