Reschedule or Cancel Booked Referrals

Learn how to reschedule or cancel a booked appointment

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Why would you need to change an appointment date/time?

  • Change in your schedule or vacation time

  • Client is no longer available (changes in their schedule)

  • Client is no longer interested

  • Family/Personal Emergency where either you (the provider) or the client is suddenly unavailable

  • You (the provider) do not know when you can provide an appointment again

If you are speaking with the client before, it's best to Reschedule. If you don't have an opportunity to speak to the client just yet, but want to communicate the appointment has moved, Unbook them. If the client is no longer interested, or you are unsure when you'll be able to provide the appointment again, Cancel (but ensure the client is notified this is happening). If the client is no longer interested, and wants you to remove all of their information, please Revoke.


If you and your client agree on a more convenient appointment time, you can reschedule the appointment in Caredove. This allows a different time slot to be filled while making the original time slot available.

To reschedule an appointment, navigate to Referrals in the top menu. Select the Inbox or Outbox as needed.

  1. Using the 3-dot menu, select reschedule.

  2. Pick a new service or simply choose a new time slot from the list.

Use the Calendar more regularly?

You can easily reschedule from there too. ⬇️


If the client no longer wants service, or is unsure of a new appointment time, the appointment can be cancelled or unbooked.  This frees up the appointment time so it can be booked by another registrant. Note: Referrers cannot unbook, and should send the provider a message. 

  1. Using the 3-dot menu, select unbook.

  2.  Select unbook in the pop-over.

If you're the provider, and you unbook because you are now unavailable, after you unbook, ask a colleague to contact the client letting them know why their appointment must be moved. This helps the client know what is happening.

If you unbook but won't be available at the original appointment time, ensure you delete that time slot within the calendar.


To cancel a referral, you can simply update the status to Closed and select a Cancelled sub-status such as Cancelled by Provider.

If you update the status, the client will not receive an email notification. The only time an email notification sends, when an outcome is added, is when the referrer has a Caredove account, in which case this clinical referrer receives an email notification.

If you want the client to be notified, unbook (or reschedule) their appointment as they will receive an email indicating they have been unbooked (or rescheduled).

Whenever you make a change to a client's appointment, it is best practice to contact them.


If the registrant requests that their personal health information is removed, then you must Revoke the Appointment

Note: From the Referral Information page, you can also assign a different provider to the referral. 

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