Adding your services to the Caredove platform allows referrers to find you easily. Being specific about what each service provides increases the number of high quality referrals you'll receive. 

Navigate to Listings in the top menu, this will display all of the organization's listings/services. 

To start, Select Add Listing. When the pop-up appears, select a category from the drop down and add a service title. Select Next

You will now navigate to the Service Details Page. Complete the following information as it applies to your service. 

Service Classification:

  • Service Title

  • Service Category (previously selected, can now be changed)

  • Target Population - specify the target audience for your program

  • Service Status Message (optional) - communicate quickly and effectively from the search results information regarding your service


  • Address, Unit 

  • Phone, Fax

  • Website and Inquiry Email

  • Inquiry office hours and hours of operation

Service Details:

  • Service Description - writing effective listing descriptions

  • Any service specific entires such as: Activities, Transportation, Meal Options, Insurance, How to Apply and Cost

Eligibility Criteria:

Note: Need to make edits later on? No problem. Learn how to edit your listings. 

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