Accurate listings are a key element in receiving the right referrals. When referrers are able to view the best information about your program they're better able to refer the right clients, which means you can spend more of your time with the clients instead of dealing with inappropriate referrals.

You can edit listing information at any time by following a few simple steps.

Navigate to Listings in the top menu. Your listings will appear under the Listings Catalog. You’ll now see a list of all the services currently offered by your organization. Hover over any service to display the Edit function. Select this button to open the editing page.

Your screen will now include all of the fields that describe your service. Simply locate the fields you’d like to edit, and make the changes.

Once finished, scroll either to the top or the bottom of the listing and select Save.

If this is a service you can not offer at this time, make sure to hide it so clients don't get referred. You can do this by selecting the green dot beside the listing, turning it red.

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