Service descriptions are the first thing people will read when looking for service. It is very important that this quickly conveys the most important aspects of the service.


  1. Keep it brief (less than 800 characters, ideally closer to 400). We’ll show you how many characters you are using and remind you when it gets too long.

  2. Say what the service does, who it benefits, and unique features.

  3. Use complete sentences, or use lists.


  1. Don’t discuss the organization (e.g., when accredited, founded, who the CEO is, etc.)

  2. Don’t use industry jargon (e.g., outpatient, placement, intake, outreach) or acronyms (e.g., FHT, CCAC).

  3. Avoid repeating what can be said in other available fields (e.g., cost, hours of service, eligibility criteria).

  4. Don’t say where the service is provided. If you are describing a home-visiting service, use the map builder.

Tip: Try sharing the description with other people who don’t work at your agency to see if they understand your service. If you get inappropriate referrals often, revisit your description.

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