Ensuring Patient Privacy in the Digital Age (PIA)

How Caredove Empowers Healthcare Networks to Conduct Thorough Privacy Impact Assessments

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In today's digital age, healthcare networks are under pressure to use digital tools to improve the delivery of care, streamline processes and keep up with the demands of the fast-paced healthcare industry. However, with the increasing amount of sensitive patient information being shared and stored electronically, it's more important than ever to ensure that patient privacy is protected at all times. Unfortunately, the consequences of failing to do so can be dire, from regulatory fines and legal repercussions to reputational damage and loss of patient trust.

A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a framework that helps identify and mitigate the privacy risks associated with personal information handling processes. It's a requirement by law in many jurisdictions, and it's vital for healthcare networks to conduct these assessments to ensure that they are compliant with regulations, and that patient data is protected across all processes.

At Caredove, we understand the importance of privacy and have developed a comprehensive approach to privacy and security. We want to make it easy for you to conduct your PIA for any healthcare processes that use Caredove, and have created the Caredove Trust Report, an online resource that contains everything you need to know about Caredove (and more) for your PIA.

The Caredove Trust Report contains Caredove policies, real-time statuses on privacy and security controls, FAQs, and other supporting documents. It is structured for compliance with the SOC II and HIPAA frameworks, with additional content informed by the office of the privacy commissioner of Canada.

Here are some of the top items in the Trust Report to help get you started with your PIA:

  • Caredove Information Security Policy

  • Caredove Access Control Policy

  • Caredove Data Management Policy

  • Caredove Secure Development policy

  • Caredove Incident Response Plan

  • Protected information flow diagram

  • Caredove network diagram

  • FAQ

You can apply to view the trust report here. When you are approved you will receive an email notification.

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