You can extend Caredove's functionality to your own WordPress hosted website by installing Caredove's WordPress plugin. With the plugin you can enable your visitors to:

  • book or refer securely to your Caredove services with a refer button

  • view a listings page that is automatically populated with your Caredove data

  • launch a search page to find your (or your network's) services

This guide will cover all the details you need to know to install and configure your Caredove WordPress plugin. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team by using the chat button below.

System & User Requirements

  • Your WordPress site must be up to date with a minimum version 3.0.1 or higher and is compatible up to 5.3

  • Your site must be secure with an SSL certificate in order to securely send patient information to Caredove. Many systems offer free SSL certificates, depending on your website hosting. 

  • Only users with Admin access to the WordPress site will be able to configure the plugin settings. 

1. Install the Caredove WordPress Plugin

Ready to get started? The first thing to do is install the Caredove WordPress Plugin on your organization's WordPress site. Here's how: 

  1. Ask a Caredove team member to send you the Plugin zip file

  2. Go to your website's WordPress dashboard 

  3. Select "Plugins" and "Add New"

  4. Select "Upload Plugin"

  5. Select "Choose File" and choose the zip file you just downloaded

  6. Select "Install Now"

  7. Once installed, activate the plugin

2. Enter your Caredove API Credentials

  1. Go to the WordPress "Settings" and choose "Caredove" to enter in your API credentials and Organization ID.

  2. In Caredove, go to the "Developer" tab from your home screen to access the credentials. 

  3. API Username is your "Client ID", your email address, followed by a series of letters & numbers. Copy and paste this into WordPress.

  4. API Password is your "Client Secret (User)" token, a series of letters & numbers. Click the lock next to "Client Secret (User)" to reveal the token. Copy and paste this into WordPress.

  5. Organization ID is the number associated with your Organization in Caredove, visible in your Organization's URL, usually 3 or 4 digits. 

  6. In WordPress, make sure that "Testing" is unchecked, and select "Save Changes"

  7. A green message should appear saying API Connected. If not, the Client Secret (User) token may need to be reset. You can do this by selecting "Generate New Code" next to the token and using the new token. If you still get a red error, contact Caredove to troubleshoot.

  8. Once connected, log out and back in to your WordPress account to ensure the settings have taken full effect.

3. Enable Public Sign-Ups in Caredove

In order for the buttons to work on your website, you need to have Public Sign-Ups enabled in Caredove. Check out this article to ensure that all the right listings have sign-ups enabled.

Add a Caredove Refer Button

  1. Back In WordPress, choose the page where you want the button to appear. Select Edit Page

  2. Below the page title and above the text field, three Caredove buttons will be visible. Select "Add Caredove Refer Button".

  3. Choose the correct service listing from the drop down menu.

  4. Choose whether you want the button to open a popup window over your website, or if you want the button to open a link in a new tab. 

  5. Customize the popup window and the button text.

  6. Choose your button style. The "Theme Default" will inherit your current WordPress theme default button. If you want to choose a different style, you can customize the button colour and text colour using Hex numbers. Make sure to add the # before the six-digit hex code colour.

  7. Select Insert, and the button will be added to your page. You can move it where you like on the page and continue editing your page normally.

Add a Caredove Service Listings

If you want to populate an entire list of your Caredove services, or all services from a single category, use the "Add Caredove Listings" button. It may take some trial and error to get this looking the way you like, so don't be afraid to play around and learn what settings you like best.

  1. Choose whether you want to show all your listings, or listings from a certain category.

  2. Choose whether you want your listings to display as a full page width, or in 2 or 3 columns. 

  3. Choose how many listings you want to display per page. Any listings that do not fit on the first page will start a second page with page navigation at the bottom of the list.

  4. Customize the background colour for your listings. Try keeping it as the default to start, and see if you want to change it after. 

  5. Choose what listings information you want to display. Title and Description are recommended. 

  6. Change your button text, style and colours. 

  7. If you want to make any changes after publishing your list, just double click on the Caredove Listings box in the Visual Editor to edit.

Below is an example of a 2 column list, with a medium outlined button, all with default colours.

Add Caredove Search Site

Easily add an entire search site to appear over your website to enable visitors to search among your services or your network's services, and confirm they fall within coverage area zones.

  1. Select the "Add Caredove Search Page" button.

  2. Include the end of the Caredove URL you want the site to point to.

  3. Choose whether you want the search page to open a popup window, open in a new tab, or embedded on your page.

  4. Customize the text and button style the same way as the Refer Buttons and Listings Buttons.

Best Practices

Plugin Updates

When an update is available, it will show in the Plugins page of your WordPress dashboard. Click Update. 

Changes to Listings Information

If you make updates in Caredove to your listings information (including service title & description), go to the Caredove Settings and Clear Cache to ensure the changes are deployed immediately. 

Listings Descriptions

Limit your service listing descriptions to around 50 words. This will display your listings in a uniform grid format. Listings with a lot of words will display unevenly. 

Inactive Listings

If you are using the "All Listings" option, and you have Inactive Listings in Caredove, make sure that you have disabled non-booked referrals, booked referrals and sign-ups in the Referral Settings, as that is how our API tracks what listings should populate. 

Advanced Editing

If you have a custom WordPress design editor, like Elementor, you will need to generate the buttons on a separate standard page. After the button is generated, you can copy the code string from the Text tab and paste it into your Elementor page in the desired location.

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