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Discover how Facilitated Referrals work without a Referral Delegate

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What is a Facilitated Referral?

A Facilitated Referral is when a referral is sent to an organization in Caredove that has no receiving user ("Referral Delegate") registered on the platform. In the absence of a Referral Delegate, Caredove personnel will monitor the progress of the referral to its intended destination, without accessing Personal Health Information.  Caredove personnel will follow an onboarding protocol to invite the receiving organization to securely retrieve the referral.

What happens after you submit a Facilitated Referral?

The referral sender is notified of the referral outcome by email 


The receiving organization is granted a Referral Delegate account. This means the receiving organization can now receive direct referrals, without the intervention of Caredove.


The receiving organization opts out of registering a user on the Caredove platform. Subsequently, the receiving organization will not receive any referrals through Caredove and referrers will be shown the service information and phone number.

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