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Receive Referrals via Secure Email
Receive Referrals via Secure Email

Learn how to setup PGP keypairs, install the keypairs, and gain access to end-to-end encryption for secure email & attachments using PGP

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You can allow Caredove to send your referrals through Secure Email, ensuring end-to-end encryption from both parties, as well as allowing you to receive any attachments securely. Once end-to-end encryption is set up, all you need to do is ensure you have your necessary keys installed on your email client to decrypt Caredove's sensitive information.


On Mac OSX, download the application OpenGPG. Once installed, open GPG Keychain and select "New" with the Key icon. Enter your name, the email address you will use to receive secure emails from Caredove, and a passphrase used to unlock your private key.

1. Download a GPG Client  For Mac OS For Windows Outlook

2. Install the application and run through the configuration. If this is your first time setting up key-pairs for Caredove, create new private and public keys for use with Caredove. Ensure that these are set up with the email address that will be receiving the Secure Emails from Caredove.

If you have already set up keys for Caredove, select "Import" and import both existing private and public keys.

Contact Caredove

The final step is to contact Caredove asking to set up Secure Email for your organization. We will ask for your public key & related email address associated with your keys.

Once the above steps have been completed, contact Caredove support and we will ensure all media being sent between our servers will be end-to-end encrypted. If you'd like, we can enable PGP encryption for all future referrals.

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