If you and your client agree on a more convenient appointment time, you can reschedule the appointment in Caredove. This allows a different time slot to be filled while making the original time slot available. 


To reschedule an appointment, navigate to Referrals in the top menu. Select the Inbox or Outbox as needed.

  1. Using the 3-dot menu, select reschedule.
  2. Pick a new service or simply choose a new time slot from the list.


If the client no longer wants service, or is unsure of a new appointment time, the appointment can be cancelled or unbooked.  This frees up the appointment time so it can be booked by another registrant. Note: Referrers cannot unbook, and should send the provider a message. 

  1. Using the 3-dot menu, select unbook.
  2.  Select unbook in the pop-over.


If the registrant requests that their personal health information is removed, then you must Revoke the Appointment

Note: From the Referral Information page, you can also assign a different provider to the referral. 

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