Sometimes we want to refer the same patient more than once. Caredove allows this to happen by saving the registrant's information from the original referral and transferring it to the next referral.

Start by navigating to Referrals in the top menu, displaying the Inbox or Outbox tab. 

  1. Locate the referral of the designated registrant and select the More Options button (3-dot menu). 
  2. Under Workflow Actions, select Refer Again
  3. A box will appear that asks you for permission to transfer the registrant's information from this referral to the next. Select Yes
  4. Navigate to any search site, or your favourites tab to submit another referral. 

A notification will appear at the top of your screen that specifies the registrant for your next referral. When you create your next referral, the registrant's information will be automatically transferred. 

If you make another referral within 10 minutes, Caredove prompts if you want to use the same registrant.  Simply select Yes. 

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