Ideally, all referrals you receive are booked by the referrer, so you know when to contact the client. However, in the event you receive a non-booked referral, taking action quickly is the key.

A member of your team should contact the registrant within 24-hours to complete the intake appointment, or to book the registrant into a time slot. 

To book a time slot, navigate to Referrals, and select the Inbox. Using the 3-dot menu, select Book

If a Caredove Calendar is enabled, the booking can be completed via your calendar. Learn how to create one-time appointments.

In both cases, an outcome should be set so the loop is closed. Learn how to set referral outcomes.

Note: Best Practice is to ensure all appointments are Booked. Contact Caredove if you wish to enable a Caredove Calendar.

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